What if you could make your knowledge 7 times more valuable so you could earn more money, have more time for yourself, and impact more people?

Yes,  It Is Possible To Earn Money Doing The Work You Love, With People You Enjoy Working With, Where & When You Want

Are you working too many hours for too little reward?

Just as...

A bar of iron costs $5,

Made into horseshoes, that same bar of iron is worth $12,

Made into needles it's $3500,

Made into balance springs for watches it's value soars to $300,000,

When packaged correctly, your skills can be worth far more than you ever dreamed possible!

Does this sound familiar?

You work hard.
You earn good money - but not enough to live the life you want.
And you feel trapped?

And the worst part...? You’re not spending enough time with your family, and you feel like the years are passing you by.

That was fine in your 30’s, but now you’re over 40... which means 60 isn’t too far away and you’re worried about your tombstone reading "HE WORKED TOO HARD".

There is a better way.

But most of the stuff you’re reading isn’t going to get you there.

The Podcast that tell you to hustle and work 20 hour days are sending you down rabbit holes...

What you need is a roadmap. A step by step process that others have followed before you, that you know if you simply walk the steps and put in the effort, will lead to you to your promised land.

It can be done, make no mistake about it.

But I know what you're thinking...

Is this actually possible for me?  Can I do this when I'm already too busy?  This isn't a priority for me right now...

But, what would it feel like to...

  • Only work with the clients you choose to work with?
  • Be asked to share your thought leadership globally on stages and in media?
  • Close high-ticket sales?
  • Work wherever you choose, living your dream lifestyle?
  • Spend more time creating memories with family and friends?
  •  Impact more people so you make a bigger difference
  • Leave a lasting legacy - not just after you're gone, but every single day?
  • And achieve the 4 pillars of freedom - finances, work, location and lifestyle?

Please don’t kick yourself in regret 20 years from now for missing the best years of your life. All this is possible for you now.  So why would you choose to wait? 

Are you ready to stand against society’s rules of success and create your own rules?

As Jim Rohn famously said, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with".  

So, are you ready to join the top 5% of coaches, and create the results you’ve been dreaming of for many years now?

You have an expertise that is created by your knowledge, unique skills and experience.  Once infused with your unique life experiences, passions and perspective, you have something that no-one else has.  It’s one-of-a-kind.

Once you have developed your brand and methodology, you are in a category all of your own.  This is the reason people will be attracted to work with you, and the reason that Jacqueline Nagle was able to make $25,000 within 24 hours of learning of The Altitude Framework™ - without a website, or any marketing material.

Back in 2010, I separated from my husband and business partner of 20 years.  We had 3 businesses, and 3 children, so I worked an insane amount of hours. My belief was that if I worked really really hard, I could retire early.  I thought it was just a matter of following society's rules - work hard now, and retire later. 

But once we separated I asked myself, “What was all the hard work for?”   I was in the position where I didn’t have anything left, and I’d not really had a lot of fun along the way.  I took that time in my life to reflect on what I really wanted my life to look like. I wanted more travel, more time with friends and family, and a business that gave me lifestyle freedom.

The reason I do what I do now is because I want other people to have the realisation before it’s too late.  The realisation that they can create their life by design, and that they can create that life right now and not wait until retirement age. With the amazing technology that we have available at our fingertips, we are able to be location independent. And that there are no rules as to what we should or shouldn’t be earning. 

Isn’t it time for you to blend your knowledge, skills and expertise to create a business that is leveraged?  So that you have the money and time to live the lifestyle you want, as well as positively impacting millions of people along the way?

Yes, it’s your time.

Here's what I know...

1 in 2 workers who are currently employed in professional services will be self employed within 5 years.  This means 50% of experts will be delivering their own services and will need to find their own work.

The most important thing you can do for your business right now is to build your authority positioning and personal brand.  The people who are known, and especially as the go-to authority in their space, will get the work.

Over the next 10 years, the demand for soft skills like creativity, critical thinking, and complex information processing will rise by almost 20%.  Now is the time to develop your thought leadership and make the most of the opportunities with these converging trends.

Here’s what my past clients have been able to achieve …

  • • Added 6-figures to their business in as little as 30 days
  • • Sold out events
  • • Invitations to speak on stage at major industry events
  • • Media features and guest interviews, including print and TV
  • • Being seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX
  • • Increasing their program prices up to 10x (and getting more clients)
  • • Being able to leave paid employment within 30 days
  • • Halved their work hours
  • • Transitioned from local service provider to global influencer

* Disclaimer: these have all been achieved, but are not a predictor or promise of your results

About Samantha Riley

I left the corporate world and ventured out into the world of business over 25 years ago because I wanted the freedom to spend more time with my family, and to be financially rewarded for working harder.

Whilst I did achieve financial success and built a 7-figure business before I was 30, I was overworked and stressed out, and exhausted.

But after 15 years in business, I was able to leverage myself out of my bricks & mortar business, and work less than 10 hours per week. I replicated the same system to build my online coaching business, which gives me more freedom as I’m now location independent. Now I teach The Altitude Framework™ to successful executives and business owners so they can replace their income, and get their time back.

Here's What Past Clients Have Said About Working With Samantha...

If you're looking for someone to map out your wild, crazy ideas into a workable value driven proposition, then get in touch with Sam.

She helped us with our rebrand and positioning.  Seriously we had no idea where to start or what steps to take to make it happen.

Mark Robinson
The International Academy of Wealth

Was 20% up on my previous highest month.

Mandy Brasser
Streamline For Success

Sam helped me add almost six figures to my income in the first week of working with her.

Andrew Eggelton

It felt effortless...

I made $25,000 within 24 hours of working with Sam - with no website or marketing materials.

Jacqueline Nagle
Speaker Trainer - Mentor

This month I tripled my usual income.

Kelly Brouhaha

Sam has been my secret weapon this year. Make her yours.

Sam can put you on the podium of winning first place by accelerating your authority.  Stop playing around with armchair experts and get inside her head.

Grant Mullen
Business Breakthrough

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