Attention: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Thought Leaders

The Future Of Business Leadership Has Arrived.  

The Radically New Way Of Growing Your Business From 6 To 7 Figures And Beyond, Using The Power Of Quantum Reverse Engineering.


Seats Are Limited To 20 Attendees

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Let me ask you these four Game-Changing questions...

• Would you like to unlock the super creator within you that the old 3D system and busy-ness of life, has unconsciously caused you to ignore?

• Are you ready to learn how to consciously shift your business to new levels of 5D financial and lifestyle prosperity?

• Interested in discovering a private process that, until now, only a small number of people on the planet have been exposed to, that will cause revolutionary improvements in your mindset and consciousness so you get amazing dreams done, produce dazzling results and create a lifestyle that only the rare-air few get to live?

• And wouldn't it be cool to be personally walked through this breakthrough process over 2 amazing sessions that will transform your life forever? (Of course, the method only works for people open to installing this new energy).

Are you ready to tap into the unlimited potential and momentum
behind your vision and purpose; backed by the latest discoveries
in quantum physics and neuroscience?

The Million Dollar Operating System Online Intensive is for you if you're ready to identify your full potential and learn how to control your destiny in an empowered way.   

This online intensive will help you create and calibrate your new 7-figure identity to the new "woo-world" of 5D conscious business, so you surpass your revenue and lifestyle goals in this rapidly changing world of energy and vibration.

We are called to be

architects of the future,

not its victims.

- Buckminster Fuller

Join Quantum Growth Experts, Samantha Riley & Matthew Patti, who will 
guide you through The Million Dollar Operating System™.

The Million Dollar Operating System Online Intensive is two sessions of being immersed in innovation, collaboration, and your limitless potential.

You will be surrounded by forward-thinking, impact-driven people who are moving from their hearts and learning to master and share their authentic power with the world, in an even more extraordinary way.

You will not learn strategies, tactics, or tricks.

You will learn how to re-write your destiny and shape your business and life with precision-like clarity and alignment.

This is about you energetically evolving into the grandest version of yourself and letting external results show up as a by-product.

Through this intensive you will:

• be immersed in your natural, creative 5D self over two online sessions.

• explore the profitability of playing in the infinite field of potentials by following your passions.

• be a part of a high vibration, spontaneous and collaborative experience, and meet people who are creating an impact in the world, like you.

• see new opportunities and assets that have been hidden in plain sight all around you by expanding your 5D consciousness.

• learn to release the old 3D model of thinking and operating, and create space for your new 7-figure identity to emerge.

• reveal a fountain of unlimited ideas for books, movies, podcasts, etc. and know that you have a powerful gift that the world needs.

• disconnect from your mental entanglement in the problems of your business and the world to allow higher level answers to show up.

It is very hard to write out the massive amount of benefits this event will bring you.

So we’re just gonna say it:


The world needs you to step into your true power and do the work that your heart is calling you towards.

Join this amazing group of people and discover what you truly came here to do.

Learn with tangible proof that YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS.

Not your parents.

Not your spouse.

Not your clients.

Not Samantha.

Not Matthew.



Online Masterclass Investment Is Only $147

If you are feeling the call to step into your full quantum capabilities this year, and ascend into higher dimensions of consciousness creation and business growth, then we invite you to join us.

Intensive Inclusions:

  • 2 x Online Interactive Sessions, where you will map out and unpack your own unique 7-figure identity.
    • Session 1 - Friday 18th October, 10:00 - 11:30am AEDT
    • Session 2 - Friday 25th October, 10:00 - 11:30am AEDT
  • The chance to be in the 'hot seat' during the intensive.
  • Attendee only Facebook Group.
  • In between session support from Samantha and Matthew.
  • Come together and discover new collaborative opportunities with your new tribe!

Samantha Riley

Hi, I'm Samantha Riley.

Samantha Riley is an International Business Growth & Marketing Strategist, with over 25 years personal experience in building and growing businesses, including nearly 9 years experience in the coaching industry.

She helps people to turn their knowledge and expertise into a thriving business, and be seen and heard as influential thought leaders, all while creating their life by design.

Hi, I'm Matthew Patti.

Matthew Patti is a global leader in consciousness, human excellence and business growth. 

He has built several 6 and 7 figure businesses over the past 25 years applying his unique blend and knowledge of metaphysical principles with business strategy and now helps transformational leaders, conscious business owners and holistic practitioners scale their business and consciousness.

Matthew Patti

Join us for this online intensive, and discover how you can implement the Million Dollar Operating System into your business, so you can work less, earn more, and increase your global influence.

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