Learning how to grow your online coaching business on your own is one thing…

But having access to world-class coaching AND your own implementation team …

That’s something else!

Who is The Experts Collective for?

Course Creators

Personal Brands
Digital Entrepreneurs

Professional Services
Thought Leaders

Course Creators
Personal Brands
Thought Leaders
Professional Services


Can you relate to any of these?

• You’re frustrated knowing what you're trying to achieve, but you just can't figure out the next step…
• You want more leads and clients...
• You want to hit the ‘go button’ on your next big thing, but fear and self-sabotage are holding you hostage…
• Trying to get your head around the technology you need is making you feel like you want to tear your hair out...
• You are  suffering paralysis by analysis…
• Procrastination is a frequent visitor...
• And you wish you had the support to confidently make your dreams a reality.

What difference would it make to you and your business if you could get answers and feedback from a community of business owners who not only care about your business growth, but know what or who to recommend?

Results like:

•Knowing the exact process to follow so you can actually get projects finished and off your to-do list.
•Getting more leads and clients.
•Having the confidence to launch your programs.
•Publishing content to grow your brand so you have a much larger ripple of impact.
•Having the tech in place to have an automated online business humming along without you.
•Having a plan to follow which will take you directly to your goals without spending every day exhausted with decision fatigue.
•Having a support crew to help you achieve the business you’ve been dreaming of for years.

If any of the above hits home with you... you’re in the right place.

So What Do You Get When You Join The Experts Collective?

Live Coaching Calls

You'll have access to our weekly members-only "WOW Calls" including:

• The 30 Day Plan - Every month, set the growth goals and projects that will ensure you achieve success.
• Content Creation Hour - Create and schedule your content for the month.
• Live Q & A Calls - Whether you have a question about sales, social media, outsourcing, funnels or tech, Samantha and her team of experts are in your corner! You’ll receive the support you need on this call to have you trouble-shooting and moving forward in no time.
• 10-Minute Tactics - Training topics including, but not limited to marketing, sales, operations and technology so you can stay up-to-date with the ever changing business landscape.

Oh, and what does WOW actually stand for? It stands for “Work It Out Wednesday”, but our members usually end the call with, “Wow, that was just what I needed!”

Your Accelerator Kit

You'll get your Accelerator Kit which includes the planning blueprints that I have been using in my business for over 20 years.

Just like the best carpenters take the time to sharpen their tools, progress begins by stepping away from the day-to-day activities in your business.

Create an implementation plan that is aligned with your desired lifestyle and values - grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine, put on your favourite tunes and get your creative juices flowing!

Personal 1:1 Coaching

Each month, you'll have access to your personal coach who will guide you according to your immediate needs - think of them like your business GPS.

As well as helping you move through the challenges that are keeping you stuck or slowing you down, they’ll also hold you accountable to the goals that are important to you.

The Business Lab Live - VIP Weekend

You'll receive free tickets to The Business Lab Live.

Join me and my team of experts live in the room, and get ready to roll your sleeves up and get stuff done! You’ll learn the most up-to-date strategies that are working right now to automate your business, get more leads, and build a more influential and recognised personal brand.

Access To The Virtual Genies

Do you wish you had a magic lamp and your own team of Genies?  

As a member, you get instant access to Samantha's personal implementation team that are trained to implement the tasks on your to-do list - from creating beautiful design work to re-purposing your content, or making changes to your website, they've got your back!

Members-Only Facebook Group

The Experts Collective Facebook Group is an exclusive members-only private group, providing both support and accountability.

This is the perfect place to ask questions, discuss your progress with your 30 Day Plan, post your projects, and to celebrate your wins!

You’ll have Samantha and the community at your fingertips around the clock.

The Business Lab Live - VIP Weekend

You'll receive free tickets to The Business Lab Live.

Join me and my team of experts live in the room, and get ready to roll your sleeves up and get stuff done! You’ll learn the most up-to-date strategies that are working right now to automate your business, get more leads, and build a more influential and recognised personal brand.

Don't Go It Alone

It’s impossible to read the label from inside the jar.

I see too many business owners and entrepreneurs beat themselves up trying to transition into the online space alone.

They spend an excessive amount of time, money and confidence until their runway disappears and they give up.

And I don’t want to see this happen to you.

I created The Experts Collective so entrepreneurs and business owners just like you, are supported whilst they are creating their dream business.

My team and I want you to have a profitable and impactful 2021, and experience your best year in business yet!

This is not an online course...

This is a mastermind and implementation program for people who are serious about taking the right action to get results.

Are You Ready...

  • To get rid of the distractions that slow you down and focus on what will move the needle for you right now…
  • To have someone to help you see a different perspective and get focus on your direction…
  • To actually tick things off your to-do list...
  • To join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs for support and accountability…
  • To stay focussed on your goals even with the day-to-day running of your business...
  • To increase your leads and get more ideal clients…
  • To bounce around ideas and get actionable advice from people with the experience and expertise to guide you

How much time, money and frustration would that save you?

Now let’s get down to the nuts and bolts.  There are some people who qualify, and some who don’t.

Do I Qualify?

  • You are the owner of your business
  • You know your business can grow and you’re willing to work to make that happen
  • You’re friendly and coachable
  • You know you’re responsible for your business results
  • You’re willing to share and contribute for the betterment of yourself and the community.

This is not for you if:

  • You’re a network marketer
  • You’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme
  • You feel the need to whinge and complain about anything and everything.

Are You Ready To Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet?

Our community is run by people who are out there running their own business. People who have had results from putting in time, effort and hard work. They’re not just telling you stuff they’ve read in a book. They’re out there actually getting results for their clients.

It’s easy to join! Get started today for only $697 and dive straight in. We have a 30 Day Cancellation Policy - no locked-in contracts.

If you ever want to leave, just email [email protected] with 30 days notice and we will cancel your membership for you. No hard feelings.



"What’s been different about working with Samantha as to my previous experiences, was the hands on planning and structured follow ups. Sam would map out ideas in small steps and I filled in the detail, which has been a key part of our success. Sam’s depth of knowledge and continual updating of changing trends in media has been invaluable."

“I love working with Samantha because she doesn’t sugar coat anything.
She guides me towards the benefits of taking action and she paces her approach, as opposed to bombarding me and throwing too many things at me all at once ”